Coaching and Community

I would have to say that coaching is one of the hardest jobs I have ever taken on besides parenthood. It has been an honor over the years to learn from all the athletes that I have worked with. To be honest, in the beginning it was a huge learning curve. I have played volleyball for years and have competed at high levels of play. I am a very competitive human being. To take the player and turn her into a coach was the teaching. Learning to teach, challenge, build character and class of a player took one thing…PATIENCE. I have reinvented myself many times over through several careers, I believe as women we do this. But, coaching was not for the weak of heart and mind. Coaching young impressionable women challenged me to be a higher level of human.

In the years of coaching I have experienced it all.  The highs of the winning seasons lows of the losing seasons.  The losses of family members and struggles of growing up as a teenager from my players.  The learning had nothing to do with winning or losing volleyball games.  It had to do what my players were experiencing and the growing pains and gains.  Life happens and challenges happen and when you are a team they happen to everyone.  I have learned and discussed with my players that we are always together.  We do not have to be the best of friends BUT, when we are a team we hang together  and support each other through kindness.

So many jobs and life experiences prepared me for the world of real estate.  Coaching taught me the most about seeing any type, personality, challenge, that comes along when buying and selling real estate.  The business of real estate is emotional……have it be an investment that will create wealth or a house that will become a home.  Coaching was the perfect job to learn about my job as an agent.  I am forever grateful for coaching!